Our hospitable and hotel is named after one of the 19th century South Palmyra’s most famous and respected women, Countess Roxandra Edling.

Who is Roxandra Edling?

Roxandra Edling (nee Sturdza) descended from a distinguished and respected Moldavian family Muruzi. The girl received a good education and was the personal maid of honor of Empress Elizabeth Alekseievna. During the years of service, she also gained great respect from the Emperor Aleksander I.

Traveling with the Empress in Germany, the girl met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Count Edling, whom she later married. The couple settled in the Manzir estate in Bessarabia (near Odessa), where the Emperor granted them 10 thousands land.

Thanks to the efforts of the Countess the once lonely manor in a deserted area soon turned into a model colony with numerous houses, a church, a school, and a hospital. The irrigation system created by her allowed keeping a successful farm: to breed vineyards and engage in sheep farming and then to develop cheese making and winemaking industry.

The Countess spent part of the year in Odessa where her welcoming home became the center of the enlightened society. Prince Vorontsov and his wife, and even Aleksander Pushkin himself, were often here. Kindness, love for others, insight and a keen analytical mind attracted both ordinary people and most famous minds to Roxander: Goethe, Zhukovsky…

Roxandra Edling, together with Elizaveta Vorontsova, created the Women’s Charitable Society in Odessa, which sponsored shelters, casual wards, canteens, and helped those in need. Such assistance was especially valuable during periods of cholera and plague epidemics.

After her death in 1844, the Princess and her family left a large cultural heritage to inhabitants of Odessa: libraries, monasteries, churches, museums, numerous charitable institutions.

The intimate Redling Hotel is built exactly on the site of the Odessa residence of the Edlings family, and therefore we gladly continue the traditions established by the Countess 200 years ago.

Why is it called Redling?

In addition to the fact that the name of the hotel is collected from the initials of the famous Countess, a kind of message to all guests is also encrypted here:

Rest means “to rest”!

Eat means “to eat”!!

Drink means “to drink”!!

LINGer means “to linger, i.e. to stay too long”!

Redling is a hospitable household where everyone feels at home. A place where everyone is always waited for and is always welcome where he can relax with comfort, enjoy delicious dishes and fragrant drinks. This is a place where you want to return again and again. This is the Redling Hotel. And it waits for each of you at any time of the year. Book a room!