From the point of view of the director and screenwriter, the film about the hotel is a little static, since the background of the action changes little. But the choice of such a platform for unfolding the plot makes it easy to combine styles, lines, roles of heroes without a long and tedious explanation to the viewer how all these opposites ended up on the pages of one story. For this reason, a film about a hotel easily takes the image of a horror or melodrama, a comedy and farce, a western or a philosophical parable. the crime canvas “Bates Motel”).

Most famous movies

Let’s try to briefly recall the most iconic paintings:

• Psycho. Hitchcock. The film was shot as a monochrome noir stylization. The thriller is interesting because it starts at the hotel. And the main plot line is played out in a random roadside motel.

• The Shining. Cockpit. Classic horror movie. Free arrangement of King’s novel. The writer is forced to get a job as a hotel keeper. Some of the footage from the film is firmly embedded in the cultural code of the Internet space.

• Four rooms. The film consists of four stories, filmed by different directors. The idea for such a collaboration belongs to Tarantino. A young and inexperienced receptionist goes on his first watch, which fell on New Year’s Eve. The hotel, which has already experienced its best times, but still remains a cult, is home to completely different, and not always harmless people. But it is necessary to please the guests.

• The Grand Budapest Hotel. A film directed by Anderson, in which the hotel is the same character as the main characters. A young migrant takes a job at a fashionable hotel and finds himself under the wing of an experienced concierge. The film will show all the major upheavals of the twentieth century, competently disguising them and passing them off as a melodramatic comedy.

• Nothing good at the El Royale hotel from director Goddard. A motley company gathers in a provincial hotel. And it seems that this meeting is accidental, and nothing connects people with each other. But this is only at first glance. After a very short time, a classic crime story will begin to unfold

• Night porter. A vivid drama from the classic of world cinema Cavani. At one time, the film made a lot of noise due to the abundance of erotic scenes – for 1974 this turned out to be too bold a step. In a Vienna hotel, two old acquaintances meet – a former SS officer and his old victim. Old memories give rise to a strange mutual attraction, which will not please the surviving colleagues of one of the heroes.

• Youth. Drama Sorrentino. Two elderly friends (director and composer) are relaxing in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. The heroes have reached the age when they can be allowed to be contemplators, and not participants in the hustle and bustle of life. But this position will have a very different effect on their destinies.

• I served the English king. A film by Menzel based on the novel by the classic of Czech literature. A young and not rich guy wants to get rich in order to become a hotel owner. Going to his goal, he does not pay attention to what is happening in the world and does not want to take part in his fate. But what price will you have to pay for such indifference?

As you can see, any film about a hotel is already multifaceted, since it combines a number of innate features:

• The hero in most cases is cut off from his usual home environment and therefore is seen from an unusual angle

• In one place without much difficulty you can collect a lot of characters, which are very difficult to collide without straining in other realities.

• The whole entourage of the picture is a little arbitrary, which allows you to use elements of surprise and some fantastic plot moves.

• Hotel guests represent a very accurate psychological cut of society. In one place, you can explore the characters of different social groups.

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