Unique ideas instantly grab the attention of a large number of people. This also applies to everything related to travel. Staying at a hotel with a “twist” is a good option to get a special experience and avoid banal pictures in photo reports.

Here are some of the most extraordinary hotels in the world: some of the tricks that travel service providers went to to get the attention of their customers.

Our personal list of unusual hotels includes:

  • Museum Hotel Cave Hotel in Turkey;
  • Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver;
  • Hobbit Huts Motel in New Zealand;
  • Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji;
  • Bedouin Camping Wadi Rum Bedouin in Jordan;

Hotel in the caves of Cappadocia

The list of the most interesting hotels in the world includes the cave hotel Museum Hotel, located in the historical region of Turkey – Cappadocia. The boutique hotel is justifiably called a residential museum. In the interior there are many antiques from the personal collection of the owners. The combination of stone walls and ceilings with sumptuous Persian rugs and expensive furniture seems stunning.

Wooden spheres in the wild forest of Canada

They are located in the trees, between the branches. The Free Spirit Spheres Hotel in Vancouver is positioning itself as a place of “free spirit”. There are only 3 rooms. The smallest is designed for one person. The other two are equipped with spacious double beds. Each has a refrigerator, a table with armchairs, music speakers. Glazed porthole windows allow you to observe life in the forest while dining.

Hobbit Motel, Hobbit Mink, New Zealand

This hotel belongs to the Woodlyn complex. In the vast park, there are several options for unusual hotels. The most popular are the hobbit huts built into a green hillock. Looking at them, the scenery for the movie “The Lord of the Rings” comes to mind. The interiors convey the atmosphere of the home of the protagonist of the adventure epic.

Underwater Hotel, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort is the real home of Poseidon. It combines the surface and underwater parts. 25 rooms are located under water. They are made in the form of capsules with glass walls. If you wish, you can surface at any minute. The desire to observe the underwater world 24 hours a day is not cheap. However, there are plenty of thrill-seekers. One of the most designer hotels in the world, there is no shortage of clients.

Bedouin Camping, Jordan

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camping is located right in the middle of a national park. Tourists are given the opportunity to feel like real Bedouins. Comfortable rooms are decorated in national style. Lunch is served in a communal tent, and meals are prepared on the street – on a fire. Among the entertainment is camel riding.

You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, favorable climate, picturesque views, delicious food without wandering into the most hidden corners of the planet. The home-style Redling hotel in Odessa opened its doors for its clients. Here they are greeted with sincere hospitality, respect the interests of guests, create a good mood every day.

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