Based on practical knowledge and signs left by the stars, astrologers provide expert advice in any matter. We decided to help you plan your future trips using the Travel Horoscope for 2021.


In the first half of the year, Aries is recommended to have active rest: skiing, expeditions, hiking. To get new impressions, it is better to choose the countries of Eastern Europe.


The Taurus, who has chosen a loved one for the company, will have an excellent travel experience. The most favorable prognosis is for romantic trips.


Travel related to seminars and trainings will bring many benefits to Gemini this year. While on vacation, you should pay attention to visiting spiritual places.


Travel horoscope promises interesting acquaintances and fateful meetings for traveling Cancers. Already from the end of March, you can plan a full-fledged vacation: to European countries with a warm climate, as well as Vietnam, Thailand.


Lions are recommended to add variety to their usual vacation. Discard traditional places. Choose a new country or a fundamentally different type of vacation.


Virgo, who are planning to spend a vacation in distant countries, should be more careful with the issuance of tickets and insurance. The best travel options are Sweden and the United States.


Don’t plan to leave your native land in the first half of the year. For holidays and long trips, choose late summer or fall. Libra’s gastronomic tour will leave an unforgettable experience.


Try to get positive emotions with all your might. Enjoy picnics and romantic getaways. For vacation, choose a country with a long history.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are encouraged to be outdoors as often as possible. Travel alone and in company will leave equally good impressions.


Spring and summer are the best time for long trips, acquaintance with a new culture, traditions of other countries. In the fall, it is better to limit yourself to country walks.


To relax and relieve nervous tension in the first half of the year, choose rest houses, sanatoriums and hotels near your place of residence. But by the fall, you can plan a trip abroad.


Croatia will be a source of inspiration for Pisces this year. Do not give up mountain walks and frequent visits to golden beaches.

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